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20 September 2016

Plan your date and experience more.

Preparation is key to us creating the perfect personalised booking for you.

Do you imagine every incredible intricate detail of your booking with our companions?

Do you know what you would like to do? Where? And with whom?

If we know the details of what you’re looking for, then we can tailor our service to provide you with your own unique experience, and the details of your plans with our ladies can be executed to perfection.

Our elite and high-class Southampton companions are ready and waiting to give you the booking you deserve and want. All our ladies strive to satisfy all your needs and desires, with preparation the key to this being achieved for you. Our exquisite companions require some notice of your booking plans so they can prepare and provide you with all you desire.

Many experienced clients plan their booking with us beforehand and as a result they get so much more satisfaction, for their money, out of their booking. Don’t leave any of your desired minutes with our stunning companions at risk of being forgotten, ensure you are prepared. If you know how you would like to spend your time with these high-class ladies, plan ahead and then tell us all that you would like out of your experience.

Let me tell you about a recently satisfied (and I am now certain will be a returning) client. This gentleman had all his desires tended to in the allocated time he spent with the beautiful lady. We achieved this because he had told us all the details of what he wanted from the time he spent with her, so the whole booking played out perfectly. He came away from the experience much more fulfilled than if he had booked on the impromptu, as he did not waste time deciding what he would like to do with his companion whilst in her company and on booked time. He had thought of everything, from the venue, how he would greet the beautiful lady he had hand picked, to where he would like to spend the evening in the Southampton area. For you to be as satisfied as this client remember: preparation is key to us creating the perfect personalised booking for you.

Some tips on preparing and planning your experience, which will really help us to tailor and move your booking along are:

To have a general idea of what you would like to do and when: It is especially important to tell us these details because we always want to ensure we can provide you with all your needs in the local area.

Plan where you will meet your beautiful companion and how you will greet her: A great venue and a lovely first greeting are key to setting your booking off on the right foot.

Always be prompt with payment: Don’t delay or this will result in wasting your booked time with the elegant lady. Consider these elements when booking your precious time with these gorgeous companions.

When you know what you want, need and desire don’t hesitate to make a booking in your local Southampton area. You can visit our bookings page or call one of our friendly reception staff now to discuss the details of your personalised booking with our stunning ladies.


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