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26 July 2016

The Double Standards Society has about escorting

Over the past few days I have been browsing a number of escort forums looking at what people had to say and just generally procrastinating. Whilst I was doing this I came across a forum topic from January which was still very active (which is what initially interested me) and why went in to have a look. The post was titled very simply "what do you think of this Grazia article". The article is elegantly titled “I use Tinder to blag free dinners”. I can not currently link the article as the one I have access to is in Spanish but if I find the English version I will post it here.

So as I can't link the article I am just going to sum it up quickly for you here. So this girl who has obviously changed her name so she can keep going on these free dinners would use the tinder app and just swipe right on every guy she saw. During these meetings with her potential suitors she would pretend that she was enjoying the evening and is in fact quoted as saying “I always give the impression i've enjoyed it (whether I have or not) mainly because I cant bear the awkwardness, but also because he's more likely to pay the bill if he has had a good time”. She tries to justify this by say “If he hasn't paid then there won't be any kissing. A man who doesn't pay is not someone I find attractive”.

Later on in the article she starts going on about how she went on 5 dates with one guy and when he asked her if she wanted to visit his place she ran a mile and never spoke to him again. Now according to the support this article seems to have in the mainstream its somewhat socially acceptable to string men along and have them fork money out for dinners but if you think about paying for it then it becomes taboo as that would be escorting and that's not okay. The difference between working as an escort and doing what this women has done is one is normal, ripping men off and the other, escorting, is not commonly seen as being "socially acceptable".

I don't want to rant about this topic much more so all I am going to say is if you are one of the many out there who still thinks its okay to rip off men but its bad to be an escort then you should re-evaluate your thoughts.