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26 April 2016

Welcome To Candy Kiss Escorts

Welcome to Candy Kiss Escorts. Well, it’s official, after weeks of preparation the Candy Kiss website is officially live and ready to help introduce you to escorts from all over the Southampton area. I am so happy to tell everyone the site is live because we have some big things planned with this agency. This includes us eventually expanding our current locations so we can cover more areas around Southampton making sure you can always book time with the perfect escort for you.

You may be wondering who it is speaking to you so let me introduce myself, I am Rebecca but you can call me Becky and I am one of the receptionists for Candy Kiss. I am one of the many different people you will speak to when you call up to book with us. I have been working in the escorting industry now for the past 5 years and I have worked with a number of agencies but I do have to say Candy Kiss is the best one out of all of them.

You may be wondering why an agency you have never heard of is so good. Well it’s rather simple; unlike a number of other agencies in Southampton we know what you are looking for and we cater our service to each individual client, so no two clients will have the same booking experience. Not only do we offer a perfect experience but all of the girls working with us make sure that they keep to the highest standards so you are never disappointed.

Not only do we have an amazing team of outstanding escorts working with us but we are always looking to expand and bring on new companions. If you are interested in working with us then head over to our recruitment page and fill out the form.